What is So Great About Knit Clothing?

At first glance, knit jackets or a black knit dress may not seem like much—just one dress option among many. However, knitwear offers women a variety of fashion advantages. Here are a few of them:

1. Knit Clothing is Comfortable.

Whether it is a proverbial little black dress or a straight leg pant, knits are wonderfully soft. They allow people to move comfortably and look good while they do it.


2. Knit Clothing is Stylish.

Knits have a long and illustrious place in fashion history. Here is a short overview of it.

Before the 1920s, knitwear was not considered especially glamorous. It was always comfortable and functional, of course, but it did not truly become chic until World War I came around.

When war was declared, armies needed a lot of wool and other textiles to make uniforms. Consequently, fashion designers and clothing manufacturers had far less material to use for their garments. That scarcity made it more desirable.

If one person truly made knits fashionable, however, it was Coco Chanel. In the 1920s, she had the brilliant idea to make twinset sweaters and frocks using jersey, a machine-woven textile made from wool which had been used mainly to create men’s pants. In the years that followed, knits became one of the staples of the fashion world.

3. Knit Clothing is Easy to Care For.

Not only are knit garments beautiful and comfortable, they are easy to care for as well. Decades ago, knit clothes needed to dry cleaned or even washed by hand. Thankfully, modern knits are much more durable. Newer fabrics make it possible to simply place a knit blouse or pant in the washing machine.

4. Knit Clothing is Easy to Pack.

Modern knitwear is very easy to pack up and transport too. Knit fabric is wonderfully wrinkle-resistant thanks to their woven strands and elasticity. Also, certain knit blouses and other garments could be suitable for both casual and formal occasions.

Misook’s womens professional clothing and other knit garments combine stylish designs and timeless silhouettes with reliable comfort. The company’s garments are created exclusively in factories that employ cutting-edge technology and operate according to the highest quality control standards. Misook’s clothing are also made with proprietary yarns that are fade-resistant, wrinkle-resistant and machine-washable.

About Misook

Misook offers a line of one-of-a-kind, hand-knit pieces that bring together elegance, comfort and versatility. Its dresses, jackets, designer plus size clothing and other garments all have the sophisticated color combinations and elegant details that women have loved for over three decades.

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